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>> cure yas yosty plane crash airs this sunday on the one of the snipers is speaking out about horrific days. are your children getting enough sleep at night? if not, they could have health problems as adults. ravens players, on the sidelines when it comes to the fight against obesity, heading to local schools hoping to get kids moving. a live preview. i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today. time for a check of the forecast and it could be changing, rain coming in, so lynette charles, people need to
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pack the umbrellas. >> we are seeing light rain across baltimore. light sprinkles across the area. most of the rain towards the west and the south. you can see the yellows working in around west virginia and virginia, harrisonburg. you are going to be running in to the thick of things. give it times it will work in to the area as we head through this morning. what we will see is off and on showers throughout the day. don't forget the gear. we look at the temperatures this morning, we are on the mild siding stephensville, 64 degrees, jeff son 56. throughout the days we will be seeing temperatures bumping up a bit. for this morning, when we wake up around 61 degrees, a damp morning and the afternoon will be mostly cloudy with the temperature coming in 74 degrees by lunchtime. we do have patchy fog agains north and west. yes, you will want to expect
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reduced visibility if you are traveling knot of baltimore city or west. definitely watchout for that. if you are using the jfx in to the city, no delays southbound, from the beltway, all the way downtown to east fayette street. that stretch will take you 11 minutes. everything will remain up to speed through the fort mc henry, 695 and looking outside, here on the west side, liberty road, no problems down towards 95 or up to 83. here is what the beltway looks like, not too many cars yet at bel air, no problems up to 83. that's a look at your time saver traffic. top stories on this tuesday morning, today marks the 10 year anniversary since the beginning of the sniper attacks that terrorized the washington region. october 2nd, john mohammad and his accomplice embarked on the
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killing spree. they killed 10 people while wounding three others. people in virginia, dc and maryland, were terrified to spend time outside. in a rare and chilling interview with the washington post, 27 years old, mallvo is speaking about the horrific days and apologizing to the > he is serving a life sentence. his partner was executed in 2009. job is protects you in the event of a house fire but a firefighter is accused of sexually abusing two teen boys. cot sl held on 150,000 dollars bail, police say one of the victims called them saying cotel abused him while he lived with the boy's family. he also saw cotel abusing a friend at the same home.
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police are worried there maybe more victims. parents with students at heritage high school will have a hard time saying good-bye to kids. yesterday, a student at the school was stabbed in his upper body. police say it happened after he and another student got in to an argument that morning. the victim was treated before being taken to johns hopkins hospital. investigators talked to a person of interest but not announced arrests yet. he nearly died when a gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater during the premier of the batman movie. >> this past summer in a movie theater in colorado, i was shot, shot in the face and neck. >> steven barton was among 58 people hurt when a gunman opened fire during the showing of the latest batman film. now the focus of the ads to reduce gun violence. it's sponsored by mayors
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against illegal guns, a coalition of city mayors including stephanie rawlings blake and josh 1ñ:!ñcowen. >> it's important that you have a job to go to everyday. it's also important that you come home safely from the job everyday. >> 8 families of those who lost loved ones at the theater shooting are urging the moderator to ask the president and governor mitt romney about gun violence during tomorrow night's debate. a man accused of killing a college student goes before a judge today. he pled guilty to killing his girlfriend. whitmore was in town visiting and hours before her death, she tweeted should have known.
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there is no motive to the death. the school held a vigil last night. closer to home, a heated debate over parking in patterson park. last night people who lived near the park showed up at the virginia baker wreck center. they are esteemed over the plan to put a black top in the park to help with expanding the senior city. many of them said they have spent dozens of hours turning the park in to what it is today. >> it's a walking park, not a driving park. to say, if you don't like the casino, now you are opposed to seniors, what kind of stupid talk is that? >> three public meetings are planned. the mayor's office has yet to make a final decision. do you remember those back to back blizzards in february of 2010? storms like that will get names like hurricanes. at least they will get them on the weather channel. most of names it will use have a greek or roman theme . none
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of the 26 winter storm names will be the same as those used for hurricanes. bge is making sure they are ready. conducting emergency training drills, 200 employees taking part throughout the week, the companies emergency response plan will be reviewed to make sure response procedures are up to date and running efficiently. time for a check of the forecast. what do you think about the naming of the winter storms? >> you know the bad ones and the ones that maybe put to rest. i like it. satellite and radar picking up on rain across the area. this will start to move in to the area, i'm going to pull out a bit. rain and moisture has to move in through the remainder of
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today as we have the area towards the west whrex stay in the clouds and have db we will stay in the clouds and we will have off l4)÷and on rain. with all that moisture, we can see that the dew points are beginning to creep up a bit. they are coming from the 40s now to the 50s, 60s dc and easton. not only rainy day on tap, but a more humid day on tap. i will show you temperatures and when this rain pushes out and when the sun returns coming up. so you went to bed bummed that the o's lost to the rays. this morning you may wake up bummed. now looks like the o's may have to head to oak land for the wild card game. a's beat the rangers wrapping up the final playoff spot. the joys of pennant chase gets confusing but o's fans are not panicking, with two games left, there is a shot of a home playoff game and division
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title. >> there is no way in the world that the red sox are going to lose. we need to beat one of two games. >> orioles need to win the final two games which may be easier since oakland's win last night knocked the rays out of contention and red sox need to show pride and beat the yankees once. 163 would be played in baltimore thursday for the al eastern division crown. tickets for the game, they go on sale on the website, ticketholders get first dibs at 10:00 this morning. baltimore ravens and dairy association teamed up to get kids more active. the goal to fight childhood obesity. sherrie johnson is life in sykesville with more on what is going on. this is a great program. getting the players invoed. the heroes of the kids rs getting them active. >> we are live here inlinton
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springs elementary in sykesville, where kids are in store for a big day. it's a big surprise for them. joined by baltimore ravens players. this is a part of the nfl play 60 challenge, the goal is to get kids moving to fight off childhood obesity. this morning, i have donny white joining me live. he is a physical education teacher here at the school. thank you for being out here so early, we appreciate it donny. tell me about what is happening today. >> we are having our kick off assembly, we are going to challenge our kids to exercise and eat healthy for the next two weeks and the rest of their lives but the two week incentive program, 60 minutes a day. >> why is this so important? i know we are fighting childhood obesity. >> it's important for that reason, we are trying to fight heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, like you
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said, also we want to have kids stress free, exercise promotes that. also keep them more alert in schools to help them achieve better grades. >> reporter: torey smith is going to be here. >> they don't know that. they will find out 9:30 today. they will be e static imagine. >> you guys are going to keep records and logs. >> they track the progress for two weeks and raffle and prizes at the end from the ravens and our community as well. >> reporter: wonderful, wonderful. thanks so much for being here, how exciting for the kids, get them up and moving. when i was in school, pe was my favorite subject. assembly starts at 9:30 this morning for all of the students , the idea is to get them up and moving. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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still ahead this morning, on good morning maryland, the parkville bar has to pay a fine if they intend to keep their liquor license. and peanut butter recall is expanding. and lance armstrong is coming to our area, what he has planned when he comes to town. everything is up to speed on 95, fort mc henry tunnel. we are dealing with accidents in the region. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. you are taking a live look at new york city, times square, great way to start the day. stay with us, there is much more coming up.
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taking a look at stories making national headlines this morning. amtrak train collided with a big rig leading 30 people injured. it happened outside of fresno, california.
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the truck which was hauling cotton, failed to yield and slammed in to the train sending three off the tracks. emergency crews worked to stop the diesel fuel spilling from engine, passengers suffered my forto moderate injuries, other passengers were taken to board another train. san diego, super heroes to streets, helping fight crime in the neighborhood. the men may look ridiculous but aim is not a joke. the city heights community seen the spike in crime, members of the extreme justice league are taking to the streets to track down suspects. one officer asked to get a picture with one of the cape crusaders. a female bus driver killed after two school buses collided in the suburb of san antonio, texas. the accident happened monday morning outside of a high school. the sherf's department says the driver of the other bus and two students suffered injuries. the bus drive may have suffered a medical condition before the crash.
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police are investigating the accident. canada, fire crews kept an eye on a fuel plant where a massive fire broke out yesterday. this is happening in the city of winnipeg. the speedway international. the company holds thousands of gallons of fuel for racing cars. it ignited. giant fire balls erupted in to the air. for people living nearbies they were told the dangerous fumes were minimal because the fuel was clean burning. time for a check of the traffic and weather. rain is going to be a big story today. we are dealing with fog, north and west of baltimore and unfortunately several accidents. >> we had major storms across texas and the south during the weekend. flooding we showed you yesterday on good morning maryland. is this the storm? >> working across the area, getting rain in mainly portions of the north and west, that's where you are seeing the fog. that will trek further to the east as we go throughout the
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day and shift as we go in to tomorrow. let me show you what is going on, satellite and radar, picking up on clouds, we are seeing the rain from the clouds this morning, if you are traveling towards the west and south, you are going to run in to heavier rain this morning and at the surfaces see what is going on. this is the one charlie was talking about. it is beginning to slide up off towards the knot. it will fuel moisture our way. in terms of humidity it's going to be more humid than yesterday. temperatures right now on the mild side, you are not seeing the rainfall. around ellicott city 61. 65 annapolis. tillman, 66, federalsburg 65. you don't need the jacket but take the rain gear. the future trend, this is under done, we will have showers throughout the day. maybe a spotty shower as we go in to tomorrow. not until thursday or friday we begin to dry things out and
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also warm things up. temperature today coming in 77 degrees as you head out the door, you will need the rain gear for the afternoon. let's get a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. as you mention wed are dealing with fog. extra careful if you are traveling north or west of baltimore. we have several accidents, trouble in arundel county, a crash along the northbound lanes of route 10. there is another accident in baltimore city, on frank first at handover street. if you are traveling through the tunnels, no problems through the fort mc henry or harbor tunnel. harrisburg expressway, here is a live look, north of the beltway, not too many cars. a nice ride once you get onto the jfx in to the city, no delays now. 11 minutes from the beltway down to fayette street. if you are traveling on 695, here is what it looks like in overly, bel air, inner loop 95.
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five things you need to know on this tuesday morning for example you have been to the pump, you may notice a drop in the cost of fuel. nationwide, the average cost for a gallon of gas is $3.80, two cents lower than a week ago. the average per gallon around baltimore, stands at $3.68 , the price is above the $0.37 higher than it was this time a year ago. recall on peanut butter maybe bigger than first thought. the list includes nut butters made with almonds, cash cashews and sesame seeds. lance armstrong is coming to our area. armstrong is taking part in a cancer survival panel at centennial high school at howard county and taking part in a triathlon october 7th. he is a 16 year cancer
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survivor. we are officially in breast cancer awareness month. women maybe wondering for mammograms are the best way to find the disease. women need to get a mammogram every two years after the age of 50. after 74, no need unless a woman is at high risk. if it runs in the family, your physician may suggest a mammogram before 50. your teenager may need extra z's a link between sleep disturbance and increased chance of cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. young adults recorded weekend sleep as fairly bad or bad. they recommend breaking the cycle by keeping a set sleep schedule. a parkville bar, the owner of tb's place had to make a plea in front of the liquor board to keep his license. following a shooting in the parking lot in july and stabbing, of a security guard last month. the riffraff is on the front
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lawn says neighbors. the owner is working on upgrades. >> my concern is for stray bullets. >> a warn progress testimony chairman of the liquor board. another violent act and the license could be taken away. one neighbor will petition a leasing company to get tb's shut down. apple recently apologized for the problems on the iphone 5. this morning, the new problem bugging users and forcing the company to fix a problem as quickly as possible.
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the focus turned to the individual issues that may sway voters from one candidate to the other. everything from the economy to education. >> reporter: with only hours to go before president obama and mitt romney face off for the first time , the number one issue on most people's minds , the economy. look at the new numbers from our cnn orc poll. voters are asked which candidate would handle the economy, obama and romney are tied. romney appears to have an edge on the top two economic issueses unemployment, and the budget deficit. for obama he holds the advantage on domestic issues, education, medicare, taxes, immigration and health care. these noneconomic issues are the first topics up for debate wednesday night. voters will be judging the candidates personal qualities. obama's favoritability rating

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